Monster Crystal – Prologue

We start our story in a trading town on the human side. There are monsters and humans talking and trading with each other. There are amazing smells, amazingly crafted items and, most importantly, there are amazing people.

At one stall there is a merchant who is selling all kinds and flavours of bread, while a young centaur buys from the merchant. The young centaur has just bought a loaf of mango bread when he leaves a small spark, which erupts on the side of the stall. This becomes a larger fire, which soon spreads across the entire stall.

“A fire!!” Someone yells.

“It was the centaur boy!!!” Another person yelled.

The merchant only just escapes from his stand as it becomes engulfed in flames. The centaur boy is swooped on by guards and is taken captive. The centaur boy knew it wasn’t him who started the fire. Someone had framed him. Someone was out to get him.

After about an hour, everything was cleaned up, and everyone was gathered around one person, who appeared to be giving a speech.

“These are direct orders from the king! I, Maya Heatherbridge, head of the guard, am here to say that we will start a war against the monsters!” She proclaimed as everyone started yelling “However, we will start peacefully. We will lock the gates of Micara and be on our guard at all times, on the look out for the enemy. The guards will position themselves on the bridge, and we will not permit anyone else on the bridge! We will also remove the gems from the gate. If any monster does get into our kingdom, they will not be able to use magic! Otherwise, let us start the war!!”


If you have any questions please feel free to message me.


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