Monster Crystal – Part 1 Brizana

A young heiress is sitting in her room. Her walls are covered in posters depicting various bands and idols, and her vanity is full of expensive jewellery. In one corner of her room, there is a small fridge full of soda, and in another corner her bed is floating in water.

She had just come back from a trip to her cove to see her girlfriend, Illophine. It was dark outside, although that wasn’t anything out of the norm as the kingdom she lived in was located under a mountain range. This heiress’s name is Brizana. She doesn’t really want to be an heiress; she just wants to live a normal life. She is part of the Oho family, who are underwater royalty.

Brizana had just noticed that both her soda and her phone were floating away. Her soda was empty, so she really didn’t mind. But her phone was another thing. She could see it going off, so she swam up to catch it.

It was a notification from Finstagram; one of her human friends had just blocked her. Brizana wasn’t surprised; the humans had gone to war with the monsters over one small fire in the marketplace. Brizana didn’t really understand humans much. She only had one human friend, and they appeared to no longer want to be her friend.


It was text from Illophine.

“Goodnight! See you tomorrow :)🐦”

Although Brizana was the stronger one in the relationship, she was fearful of what could happen to Illophine as she was part of the Harpy Guard. The Harpy Guard were the strongest group of warriors in the Monster Kingdom. Illophone was a brilliant shot with her crossbow, and she was really fun to be around. That’s exactly what Brizana loved about her. But she could lose Illophone at any moment.

Brizana sat herself up on the window sill and watched her soda can float away into the almost endless distance. Brizana took a double take. There was something else in the water. It wasn’t a sea-dweller, it was way too big to be a second can of soda, and it wasn’t any other breed of monster she recognised.

She went over and grabbed her trident. She didn’t really care if any of the castle guards caught her; she wasn’t much of a rule follower anyway. Using her tail, she pushed herself off from the window sill to go see what it was.

Trident in hand, she swam up closer to it. It was a human male, an enemy. He was dressed in a wetsuit, although Brizana didn’t know that as she didn’t need to wear anything like that to swim underwater.

Brizana didn’t recognise him, so he can’t have been an important human. But he had seen Brizana, and he was holding a harpoon gun.

“Well, guess I gotta get rid of this guy,” Brizana muttered to herself.

Brizana easily overcame him and knocked him out. She didn’t really see the need to kill the poor guy herself, as his air tank would probably run out before he regained consciousness.

Brizana swam back to her room in the castle. It was really time to stop fighting humans and get some sleep.

The castle guards mustn’t have noticed that she had left the castle otherwise they would have sent the maids to fuss all over her. She really hated it when the maids did that as she was always fine whenever she came back. She propped herself up on her bed, fell back and closed her eyes.


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