Monster Crystal – Part 2 Illophine

Up in an endless sky, there is a kingdom of those who can fly. Those who can fly are harpys. In particular we are looking at one harpy who has just come back from a trip to the cove and a training session. She is part of The Harpy Guard, and she is Brizana’s girlfriend. Her name is Illophine.

Illophine had just entered her apartment. She lived by herself, so it was always quiet. It was a small place, but it was easy to get around in. It had an orange and blue colour scheme and was simply designed, nothing too extravagant. Illophine took her phone out of her bag and checked the messages app.

She scrolled through her list until she found Brizana’s name. She tapped on it and selected the message option. Illophine typed in her message. She looked out the window. It was always so beautiful in the evenings; you could always see the moon and the sky so perfectly. Harpys always had the most amazing Flapchat stories.

Illophine re-read her message just before she sent it.

“Goodnight! See you tomorrow :)🐦”

She loved including the bird emojis; they were always so cute!

Illophine looked over a cabinet that was neatly fixed on a wall. It was a cabinet that contained all sorts of concoctions of all different colours. It was Illophine’s cabinet that she used to hold all of the magic that she needed for her crossbow. She grabbed one of the potions and sat down at the desk next to the cabinet.

She had to regularly remake her potions because although each held immense power, they didn’t last very long.

The potion that she had chosen was for speed. It was a mesmerizing mix of violet and gold colours. It was encased in a very expensive looking flask that was shaped like a dragon. This was one of her more unconventional flasks. She poured the contents of the flask into a dish on the table. She pulled open a draw labeled “Ingredients”. It contained items of all different shapes, sizes, and colours.

She grabbed something that sort of looked like a leaf, but then it didn’t look like a leaf, and then it did look like a leaf.

“Is this a changeling plant?” Illophine asked herself. “I hope it is. If not, well, I don’t know what’s going to happen!”

The changeling plants seemed to have a habit of moving themselves around and transforming themselves into different things. Illophine took a few pieces off the plant and put them in the dish. She waited and waited and waited. Speed potions take forever to remake. After about five minutes, the liquid had turned a mahogany colour.

Placing a funnel on the flask she poured the liquid back into it. She capped the flask and put it back in the cabinet. She walked over to a door and opened it. Illophine really didn’t think she had enough strength to remake a potion and walk over to the door, but the most important thing was to get some sleep. She quickly changed out of her guard outfit and into pyjamas.

She pulled back the covers on her bed, sat down on it and scooted herself under the cover. She put her head on the pillow and went to sleep.


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