Monster Crystal – Part 3 The Army

It was morning, and Brizana had just woken up to her maid staring at her straight in the face. What had she done? As long as they hadn’t found out that she had left the castle last night, Brizana would be fine.

“Ms. Oho, could you come with me, please.” It was phrased as a request, but Brizana knew it was an order.

“Ww-ait, what? Look, could you just gimme a second, Mei,” Brizana spluttered at Mei.

“We don’t have a second, Miss!” Mei barked at Brizana while grabbing her wrist.

“Who gave you permission to do that?!” Brizana yelled as she slipped out of Mei’s grip.

“The King.”

“What does he want from me?”

“He wants to keep you safe.”

“For what reason?”

“The humans.”

“I can fend for myself!!”

“Well, the king thinks not.” Mei grabbed Brizana’s wrist again.

Mei dragged Brizana out of the room and into the hallway. The hallway was lavishly and decadently decorated and seemed almost endless, but Brizana knew it had an end. It was just too far away to see.

They soon ended up in a large hall. At one end there were two thrones beneath a large, ornate, chandelier. Guards were positioned all along the walls covering every space seen in the room. On the thrones were two regally dressed people. The one on the right was the queen, and the one on the left was the king.

“Brizana, come here!” the king bellowed.

“Yes, father.” Brizana swam over reluctantly.

“Our kingdom has been chosen to lead the war.”

“Why not the harpys? Wouldn’t it make more sense to have them lead the war?”

“That doesn’t matter right now, darling, all that matters is that we have an army. So I wanted to ask you to pick some of the captains. Would you like to do that?”

“Well, I guess I could choose some captains.”

Brizana was handed a tablet by Mei. It was one of those new S Pad Bubbles that had just been released.The S Pad had a list of monsters from all different species. Each had a picture, a name and a small tickbox next to each name. Brizana scrolled through the list mostly seeing names she didn’t recognise. She stopped at one she did recognise. It was Illophine Eikenberry. Illophine could be one of the captains as long as she ticked her name. Her parents didn’t know about her relationship with Illophine, so it wouldn’t seem like she was picking favourites.

Brizana knew that Illophine didn’t like bloodshed, but she knew she just had to choose her girlfriend as there wouldn’t be a chance to do it again. There was always the possibility that Illophine could die in the war. Brizana ticked her name anyway.

Just then a wailing sound screeched its way through the castle. Mei swam off to find out what was going on. Brizana didn’t need anyone to tell her what was going on. It was her little brother, Plada. He was only a little merbaby, but he had the loudest cry in the kingdom. Mei came back with the screaming merbaby.

“Give Plada here,” the king ordered Mei. Mei swam over to the king, Plada wailing in her arms.

“There you go, sir,” Mei said as she passed Plada to the king

“He’s not hungry, nor does he need a change,” the queen said to her husband. “Thale, what should we do?”

“I don’t know.” He turned to Brizana. “Brizana, I need you to do something. Could you go check Plada’s room for me?”

“Yes, father,” Brizana replied as she swam off check her brother’s room.


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