Monster Crystal – Part 4 Capture

Brizana pulled open the door to Plada’s room. Everything looked normal until she looked up at the window. It was smashed, and there was glass floating everywhere. Someone must have broken in. That must be what set him off. But who, or what, broke in?

Brizana decided to text Illophine. She opened up messages and tapped on Illophine’s name. Before she could text anything a message came in.


“Where are you? 🐦❓” It was from Illophine.

“Sitting in my brother’s bedroom. Why? 🐠” She texted back.

“You said you were going to meet me in the normal place.”

“No, I didn’t.”

“Wait, you didn’t? But I got a text from you!”

“Something fishy is going on.”

“Heh, nice pun. I’ll go ba…”

I’ll go ba? It must be an unfinished message. Illophine was normally one to send half entered messages without immediately fixing them.

“Illo? You ok?” Brizana was worried

“This ain’t Illo you got here 😎”

“Ok, stop messing with me”

“I’m not messing with you”

This is ridiculous, Brizana had to go to her cove. She couldn’t let something like this slide. She swam out of Plada’s room and through the hallway into her room. She exited through her window and swam to the entrance to her cove. It was a long swim, but she did this almost everyday.

She reached the cove and swam in. There was no one there besides a centaur and a lamia.

“Who are you?!” The lamia shouted at Brizana.

“Who is she? Can you not tell she’s royalty?” The centaur whispered at the lamia.

“Sorry, Miss Oho! I should have realised a tad sooner! Let me introduce ourselves. I am Nysopahi Renender, and this is…”

“Cystorn Copati,” the centaur informed Brizana with a smile.

“We were sent out here on a distress call because of a text from a human phone to a monster phone,” Nysopahi told Brizana.

“That would probably be Illophine then.” Brizana pulled herself up onto the rock.

Brizana transformed her tail to legs allowing her to jump up onto the ledge where Nysopahi and Cystorn were standing.

“Illophine?” Cystorn asked Brizana.

“She’s part of the Harpy Guard,” Brizana replied.

“That’s right, she was just made a captain”

“That was me,” Brizana said with the faintest of blushes.

“I can tell that you’re blushing” Nysopahi told Brizana “Us lamia’s can see blood moving through the body easily, even if it’s not red.”

“Ok, we’re going to go look for this M.I.A harpy,” Cystorn said and waved goodbye with a smile. Nysopahi followed her.

“Wait!” Brizana yelled. “I’m coming with you!”

Cystorn and Nysopahi turned around, both now equipped with weapons.

“You can’t,” Nysopahi told Brizana. “You’re royalty, and you have to go into hiding.”

“And as royalty, I demand I come with you!”

“I’m sorry, you can’t. We aren’t in charge of making the rules,” Nysopahi said.

“I’m coming with you,” Brizana said sternly. She held her trident to Nysopahi’s neck. “I am not letting my girlfriend get killed.”

“I would never have thought that the Oho family allowed homosexuality,” said Nysopahi as she craned away from the trident at her neck.

“They don’t. My parents don’t know I’m dating her.”

“We’ll keep that a secret then,” Nysopahi said nervously.

“Thanks.” Brizana remembered that she still needed to go with them. “Now, am I coming with you?”

“Well, as long as you don’t cut my throat.”

Brizana stopped threatening Nysopahi with her trident.

“Thank you for agreeing to take me with you.”

Brizana joined Nysopahi and Cystorn in climbing vast endless mountains. The didn’t really know where they were going, but they’d find Illophine eventually. Hopefully alive. Brizana had opened up her phone and found a new app on it that she knew she hadn’t downloaded. The app was called Captains Marker, and it looked like an RPG. She tapped on it, and it loaded a large map with lots of different markers all over it. Up the top was one flashing marker that was moving about. Brizana tapped it. Not only was the marker moving about, but so was the information attached to the marker.

There was no way she could read the information flitting about the screen, so she had to take a screenshot. Brizana took the screenshot and went into her gallery, she tapped the image and viewed it.

It read “I.Eikenberry”. The accompanying picture was of an armoured harpy. Along with the picture and name it listed the following information.

Age: 21

Weapon: Crossbow

Species: Harpy

Class: Magical ranger

Status: Bugged

What could this mean? Brizana started to think that this wasn’t an RPG, but an app that tracked each captain.

“Guys, take a look at this.” Brizana showed the others her phone screen.

Cystron grabbed the phone of her hand.

“This is a map of the two kingdoms and all the captains’ locations.” Cystron looked at the selected captain. “What is Eikenberry doing up in the human side already? It’s dangerous.”

“Well then, we’re going over to the human side,” Brizana said firmly.

“Who made you the boss? I’m the captain here.”

“Yes, but I’m royalty.”

“Doesn’t make you the leader.”

“It’s more important that we find out why she’s over there, you two,” Nysopahi butted in.

They all decided to head over to the location of Illophine’s dot. It took about half a day. Brizana sat on Cystron’s back for most of the trip as it would be faster that way.

They reached the beach on the edge of the monster side. The beach faced towards the Wall of Micara. The wall was built by the humans just over 20 years ago, and was the ugliest feature in these two kingdoms. Brizana jumped off Cystron’s back and ran into the water. Once she got deep enough into the water, she transformed her legs back into her tail.

Brizana started swimming towards the wall. Cystron and Nysopahi were standing at a small dock lined with boats that each had a shield symbol on their flag. Cystron had jumped into a boat and was now helping Nysopahi to board. Having no legs meant lamia’s weren’t the best when it came to getting into boats. Nysopahi took the wheel of the ship and drove it towards Brizana.

“This is about where the location of the marker was,” Nysopahi told the others.

“That’s nice, but how are we going to get through the wall? It’s made of a really hard stone. There’s no way of getting through that thing.” Brizana looked at the wall, plotting every single way you could break a normal wall.

“That’s why I have this,” Cystron added holding up her war axe.

“That’s an axe, that’s not exactly going to help us.” Brizana said as she swam a bit closer to the wall.

“Oh, really?” Cystron’s war axe was now a war hammer. “You’ve always gotta have a backup plan when you’re in strife!”

Cystorn, still holding her hammer, turned the boat around so that the back of the boat was now facing the wall. She concentrated, putting all of her focus on her hammer.

Nysopahi was looking around for enemies, but although she couldn’t see any, she knew there was going to be snipers on the Gate of Micara.

Cystron hit the wall with the hammer causing a few bricks to fall out.

“Guess that’s what happens when you clean your weapon 20 times over,” Cystron said brandishing her hammer.

“DUCK!” Nysopahi yelled as she dropped to the ground to protect herself. Cystron followed and Brizana submerged herself in the water.

One of the snipers had noticed them and took fire. They thought that their boat was still too far away for the sniper to hit, but he managed to blasted one hole through it. Nysopahi took out what looked like an old fashioned stopwatch. She held it over the area of the ship that had been blasted and set the stopwatch to 30 seconds. She let it dangle over the damaged area as the stopwatch counted down from 30. The boat was fixing itself.

Before the hole was completely repaired, Brizana pulled herself through it and out of the boat.

After the boat was repaired, Nysopahi then set her stopwatch to 21 years. She waited as the years counted down, and the wall quickly unbuilt itself. As soon as there was a hole in the wall big enough to fit the boat through, Cystron drove the boat through the opening, catching up with Brizana, who had reached the beach on the other side.

The marshlands weren’t too far away. It was always marked as marshlands on maps, but it seemed more like a swamp. The swamp was dark, with trees that looked like curtains or hands. It wasn’t very inviting.

“Are you intending on swimming?” Nysopahi asked Brizana.

“Yeah, it’s fine. I have plenty of the same outfits at home.”

Brizana pulled herself up on the beach. She had to do this army crawl kind of thing, because she couldn’t transform her legs. That required magic, and without the gems in the Gate of Micara, magic wasn’t possible for monsters on the human side.
Cystron jumped out of the boat and helped Nysopahi out. They all looked out at the swamp. In the distance, there was a small glint of blue.


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