Monster Crystal- Part 5 What used to be

Brizana was helped into the swamp by Nysopahi, while Cystron looked around the area for potential dangers. Brizana was determined to find out what the blue glint was, so she swam off leaving both Cytron and Nysopahi behind.

The swamp wasn’t guarded. It didn’t look like there was anyone there. It was the perfect place to gather and ambush the humans. The blue was still far off, but being part of the thief class, Brizana knew she could get it. It was bobbing up and down, which probably meant it was in the swamp water. As she got closer, it seemed more and more like a necklace. It was gold and blue.

She swam as fast as she could until she got to where the glint was, she realised it wasn’t just a necklace. The necklace was around someone’s neck. A harpy’s neck. Brizana pulled the harpy out of the water. It was Illophine. She was unconscious.

“Hi there,” someone said from above.

“Who’s there?!” Brizana clutched Illophine’s unconcious body.

“Do you not recognise this voice?”

“Maya, come out!”

“Why should I? An assassin shouldn’t been seen!”

“Then why should they be heard?”

“It makes targets conscious of their surroundings and makes them nervous.”

Brizana looked around for any signs of Maya. There were none. Where was she? Was she even here? It was easy enough just to make a phone call and get someone else do the job for you. A shot came out from the dark hitting Brizana in the shoulder. She started bleeding. Brizana’s green blood was dripping into the water. Maya, or one of her underlings, must be here. Maya had very good aim, but Brizana couldn’t see who the assassin was.

Maniacal laughter rang out through the swamp. If it was Maya, then times certainly had changed.

“Looks like I got you, didn’t I,” Maya said in a deranged voice.

“You don’t say.” Brizana rested Illophine’s body on the ground.

Suddenly there was a rustling from the trees, and someone jumped down from them. It was Maya. She was wearing camouflage clothing, her long dark hair was slicked back as it normally was, and around her neck was a necklace displaying a purple crystal. She was also holding rifle.

“Long time, no see.” Maya put her rifle into a shooting position.

“You’ve changed.”

“I haven’t much really, it’s what I find happens when I use a weapon.”

“I think what you’re trying to say is that your sanity is draining away from you.”

“Now, now, there is no point arguing right now.” Maya took a drink out of something; her face now seemed a bit less deranged. Maya went over to Illophine’s body and picked it up. “She’s mine now.”

“You know I always hear that phrase in a romantic way, so it’s a bit weird seeing as you’re not gay. Unless of course you are now.”

“Ok. Let me rephrase that. She’s mine – in a non-romantic way.”

“That’s better, but I’m not letting you take her.”

Brizana armed herself with her trident. There was no way for her to get out of the water and fight Maya.

“What point is there in arming yourself, Brizana? You can’t do anything outside of the water while the magic’s down.”

“Doesn’t mean there isn’t another way!”

Just then a clattering of hooves came through the swamp.

“I heard a gunshot. Where did it come from?” Cystron looked at both Brizana and Maya. “What is the head of the guard doing out here?” Cystron said in a much colder voice pulling her blue hair up into a ponytail.

“Doing my job, of course. Why else would I be out here?” Maya said.

“Well I’m going to have to cut that job short.” Cystron took a swing at Maya with her War Axe.

Maya dropped Illophine on the ground and rolled out of the way.

“Or am I going to cut your life short?” Maya shot Cystron in the chest.

Cystron got one last stab at Maya, cutting through her shoulder and the necklace, which fell to the ground. Crystron fell over sideways.

“There’s no point in killing you guys, it would just be a waste of my time.” Maya ran away off into swamp.

“Maya really is just an echo of her old self now,” said Brizana still clutching her wound.

“Someone that used to be Maya,” said Nysopahi as she treated Cystron’s chest wound.

Brizana dragged herself out of the water and grabbed Maya’s dropped necklace. As soon as she touched the necklace her tail turned into legs. Nysopahi was able to instantly able to heal Cystron. It was as if magic had spurted out from the gem.

“Isn’t that?” Nysopahi grabbed them gem from Brizana. “ Yeah it’s one of the gems from the bridge!”

“Why would Maya have it?”

“The humans did take the gems out of the bridge so it would make it a lot easier for them to attack us.”

“They really have angst over us just for one tiny fire.”

“Yeah,” Nysopahi looked up into the sky “It’s getting dark we should make camp here.”

“And you’re sure no one will attack us?”

“There’s a chance but, we’re prepared aren’t we?”

“I guess so? Possibly, maybe, depends..”

“So the castle didn’t teach you to be too optimistic?”

“No, it was really just learning to rule and conquer.”

“And how much conquering was there?”

“Barely any.”

“Anyway enough chit chat let’s get to sleep.”

Nysopahi sat herself down on the ground and slid herself down into a resting position as if stargazing, although there wasn’t much of a reason to stargaze at this time as that was practically a death wish. Brizana moved Illophine’s body into a more comfortable position, she looked so peaceful lying there. Brizana laid herself down next to Illophine, gave her a quick kiss on the forehead and went to sleep.


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