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Monster Crystal- Part 5 What used to be

Brizana was helped into the swamp by Nysopahi, while Cystron looked around the area for potential dangers. Brizana was determined to find out what the blue glint was, so she swam off leaving both Cytron and Nysopahi behind. The swamp wasn’t guarded. It didn’t look like there was anyone there. It was the perfect place … Continue reading Monster Crystal- Part 5 What used to be

Monster Crystal – Part 4 Capture

Brizana pulled open the door to Plada’s room. Everything looked normal until she looked up at the window. It was smashed, and there was glass floating everywhere. Someone must have broken in. That must be what set him off. But who, or what, broke in? Brizana decided to text Illophine. She opened up messages and … Continue reading Monster Crystal – Part 4 Capture